Food photos from konoba Mareta


We serve great mix of traditional and modern food that includes: fresh fish, meat, vegetarian meals just to name few… Only local and confirmed groceries are used in our meals with fresh picked spices and over 75% of our vegetables are grown on the local Eco-farm. In here you can see some of our featured dishes that we are most proud of:


  • Croatian specialties (homemade salami, kulen, and smoked ham)
  • Baked apple with goats milk cheese
  • Dates with soft cheese
  • Mussels with garlic and white wine
  • Avocado with prawns and cocktail sause
  • Dates with dalmatian smoked ham
  • Tabuleh salat from bulgur with tomato, persley, garlic, spring onions, juice from lemon and olive oil


  • Carpaccio from Octopus with ruccula nd parmesan cheese


  • Marco Pulo – exotic vegetable stir fry, abundund with tastes of peanuts and ginger


  • Grilled lamb meat on the stick


  • Steak with pepper sauce

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